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Portrait of Buchanan
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Bookstore Keeper
Historical Researcher
Location Rath Royal Castle Library
(Shadow Realm)


Buchanan is a well-known book seller who has traveled around Erinn. Certain NPCs, like Nele, when asked about "Bookstore," might mention Buchanan.

He is a major support character in Generation 11, as there are many quests surrounding this enthusiastic book keeper and historical researcher.

He has a son, Austell, who is currently traveling to find inspiration for a book.

He once owned a book store in Tara, but for reasons unknown, it has disappeared.

Buchanan seems to hold a great interest in the Partholons and their race. During the course of Generation 11, he can be found telling the Milletian information on the Parthalonians and their secrets. He is also willing to put himself in danger for the sake of research, as he does his research alone in dangerous places such as the Shadow Realm or Dungeons.

Mainstream Story