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Camp Kit

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A kit that allows you to set up a camp. If your Campfire skill rank is F or higher, and you are in an adequate place, you can set up camp by right-clicking on it and clicking on "Use". You can cook, rest, burn things, or do camp sharing in the camp fire inside a camp. When you are the owner of a camp, you can resurrect back to the camp with a minor penalty when you get knocked out. But if you give up the ownership, you cannot resurrect there. The camping kit disappears when you take down the camp.

General Information

  • The tent has no time limit. Instead once the tent is set up, it will remain until you leave the channel it is on. Any action will result in the camping kit disappearing as well.
  • The direction you are facing will be the direction the door of the tent will be facing. This will determine where you will appear when you exit the tent.
  • You can enter the tent from any angle, you do not need to enter from the door.
  • You cannot enter the tent while in combat mode.
  • Camping penalties will reduce very quickly, almost instantly, while inside the camp.
  • There are very few areas in Iria where a camp can be created.
  • A camp kit used in cold/snow areas will set up an igloo.
  • Having a Campfire Rank B or higher results in a bigger camp, which is able to hold 7 people as opposed to 6.
    • Having Rank 4 or higher creates a camp that can hold 8 people.

Methods to Obtain

Part-Time Jobs

  • Available as a Part-Time Job reward from Piaras.