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Shyllien Nature Reserve

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An overview of Shyllien Nature Reserve.

Description and Geography

Map of the Central area.
Map of the first outskirts district.
Map of the second outskirts district.

Shyllien Nature Reserve is a restricted area located in a mountainous area. It can only be accesed through a warp portal. Within the area lies various exotic plants which can be Shyllien Ecology.png harvested as well as mutated, aggressive creatures. Players may Magic Craft.png convert the magical materials found here.

No matter the time of day, the light levels remain constant.

It is said that the ancestors of the Elves used ancient, unstable magic resources known as Shyllien to combat their enemies.

According to Dr. Lambert's theory, the appearance of Shyllien Nature Reserve is the result of geographical changes caused by the Irinid's Curse breaking, which supposedly happened after Generation 8 and before The Saga: Iria.

To enter this area, talk to the Teleport Mage.

  • This NPC will not be present to players doing the first 5 Episodes of The Saga: Iria.



Areas of Interest

  • Note: Different areas have different drop rates. See Shyllien Ecology for more information.
Resource Obtained From Location
Garbage Herb.png Garbage Herb Shyllien Ecology All districts
Base Herb.png Base Herb Shyllien Ecology All districts
Bloody Herb.png Bloody Herb Shyllien Ecology All districts
Mana Herb.png Mana Herb Shyllien Ecology All districts
Poison Herb.png Poison Herb Shyllien Ecology All districts
Shyllien Crystal.png Shyllien
Stained Shyllien Crystal.png Stained Shyllien Crystal
Various Herbs
Shyllien Ecology All districts



  • Magic Repairs
  • Magic Upgrade
  • Magic Accessory repairs



Areas Connected

Exploration and Artifacts

  • None


Track Title
[[File:Shyllien Reserve.mp3|500px]] A Magical Place
Entering Shyllien Nature Reserve


  • Seen from above, the outskirt districts appear similar to craters.