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An overview of Metus.

Description and Geography

A gorge concealed by gloomy fog.


In the deep valleys of the Metus gorge, you will find a door that is sealed by a mysterious power. The seal was broken only recently so there is little known about the door, but it is said to be a scary place that appears to be completely different between day and night.


Metus is a gorge in Connous that is directly to the west of Rupes Desert, home to extremely dangerous undead monsters. It had been sealed off by the Irinid but according to a nearby Intelligence Agent, the seal has weakened over time and hints someone may have been responsible for weakening it.

  • Enemies here are fairly powerful.
  • None of the monsters can be Tamed here except the Prison Flying Swords.
  • Prison Ghosts are immune to all but one type of attack. Red can only be damaged by melee, blue by magic, and brown by range-type abilities.
  • All Prison Zombies are immune to range and magic attacks.
  • Each spawn will be different from the last, usually featuring different enemies from the ones before it.

Monsters appear between 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM in-game time, though the Wandering Prison Ghosts just outside of Metus are always present.

The spawns differ slightly between every real-life day.


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