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Capture the Flag (2011)

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January 12th, 2011 ~ January 25th, 2011
The Red Team's Robe

Basic Information

You've asked for it and now it is time for it to return!

Capture the Flag is coming back to Mabinogi!

Starting at 3:00 pm, PST, gather in the fields southwest of Tracy's Logging camp in Dugald. From there, you will have a chance to join either the red or blue team. To join the red team, talk to Lorna near the red flag. To join the blue team, speak with Pan. Both representatives will share the game rules with you if you ask. Pick a team and suit up!

Once the teams are decided, make for the opposing team's flag! If you can carry it back to your flag stand, you will be awarded with points! Defeating a flag carrier and returning a potential captured flag will also reward points for your team. Beware! The more times a flag changes hands on the field, the more value it has for the returning team!

The Capture the Flag Event will run every hour for a half hour until 10:00 pm PST. If you can perform certain feats during the Event, you will have access to very special titles such as Stealing Master and Defense Master.

Each game of Capture the Flag will begin on the hour every hour from 3:00 PM PST to 10:00 PM PST. Games last 30 minutes before a winner is declared. What are you waiting for? Go cap the flag![1]


  • You cannot summon pets for any reason while you are on a team.
  • You may not summon a golem.
    • Make sure you have everything you need from your pets before you join a team.
  • You cannot use any transformations (i.e. Paladin, Dark Knight, Falcon, etc.).
  • Players not on a team cannot heal players currently on a team.
  • Escape bombs can be used.
  • Entering a camp will cause you to be kicked out of the CTF game. Presumably so will leaving Dugald Aisle region. Other than that it appears you can travel anywhere in the region.
  • If you join a team, you cannot summon pets even if you leave the region until the game is over.
  • You cannot use the hide action
    • Trying to do so will result in a message of partly untranslated text appearing, and hide will not activate


  • Beware of Final Hit, Arrow Revolver, Charge, and Advanced Magic.
  • Try taking alternative, indirect routes towards the enemy flag.
    • Try to avoid going near other team's spawn spots when going alone and taking a flag.
    • Sneaking from behind is a good way to get flags when the flag is undefended.
  • Attacking in groups is very efficient, however, beware of attacks that hit multiple targets.
    • If possible, organize your whole team to attack from the front and behind. This will distract an unorganized opponent group and allow flags to be taken easily.
  • When a player revives, he will be fully healed; this also applies to Mana.


"the Scoring Master" Title

  • +10 Dex, +10 Str, +10 Stamina.
  • Obtained through scoring the most points on a team during one game -- it doesn't matter if the team wins or loses.
  • In the event of a team tie -- the person who's name is listed such as, "Player and # other players", wins the title. Only the one who's name is listed will receive it, not everyone.

"the Stealing Master" Title

  • +15 Str, +15 Will.
  • Obtained through "stealing" and returning the most flags.
  • Flags are "stolen" when a player holding a flag is killed, drops their flag and the flag is returned.
  • Be in the top 3 scorers.

"the Defending Master" Title

  • +15 Dex, +15 Int.
  • Have the highest kill rate on a team with a minimum of 30 kills and be in the top 3 scorers.

  • It is possible to obtain all three titles by turning in only your own team's flags.

NPC Quotes

During the event Lorna and Pan both speak a number of two shared phrases and four personal ones; more may exist that are just more uncommon.


  • Lorna/Pan: "Capture the flag!"
  • Lorna/Pan: "The capture the flag event is in progress."


  • Lorna: "Hehe."
  • Lorna: "I'm hungry."
  • Lorna: "Now, Now, everyone join the beautiful Lorna's team!"
  • Lorna: "My name is Lorna Rissa, but you can just call me Lorna."


  • Pan: "Oh, why hello. My name is Pan."
  • Pan: "Come now, join Pan's blue team!"
  • Pan: "Hmmph that violent Lorna."
  • Pan: "Everyone knows that violent girls are unpopular."