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Castle Dungeons

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There are four castle dungeons: Sen Mag Castle Dungeon, Dugald Castle Dungeon, Abb Neagh Castle Dungeon, and Sliab Cuilin Castle Dungeon. These dungeons are similar to each other. The dungeons are located in the Guild Castle's basement in each housing area and can be reached through a hole in the basement wall. To enter the dungeon, a special pass must be used; unlike other dungeons, dropping any item onto the altar will not work. These passes are sold by a guard who is located outside the basement's entrance. The price ranges from 1g ~ 10,000 gold, depending on the price set by the current owner of the castle. Like other passes, the pass cannot be traded or sold to other players, and it has a 4 hour time limit. The guild holding the castle may also prohibit the guard from selling passes to the public, which will allow only that guild's members to buy the pass (non-members may still enter the dungeon if they party with a member of the guild). For a comparison of the dungeons see the chart below.

These dungeons may only be accessed if the corresponding castle currently exists. See the Guild Castle page for more information.

These dungeons are unrelated to Rath Royal Castle Dungeon.

Dungeon Comparison

Dugald Sliab Cuilin Sen Mag Abb Neagh
Chandelier Spider Candle Spider (Floor 1 Only)
Chandelier Spider (Floor 2 Only)
Pot Warrior (Red)
Pot Warrior (White)
Bisque Doll (Floor 2 Miniboss)
Red Phantom Mask (Floor 1 Only)
Black Phantom Mask (Floor 2 Only)
White Phantom Mask (Floor 3 Only)
Candle Warrior
Ogre Executioner (Floor 2 Miniboss)
Phantom Copper Tableware (Floor 1 Only)
Phantom Silver Tableware (Floor 2 Only)
Phantom Gold Tableware (Floor 3 Only)
- Rook
Wolf Sprite (Floor 1 Only)
Bear Sprite (Floor 2 Only)
Horse Sprite (Floor 3 Only)
Keep Hound
Party Boss: Specter Army
Solo Boss: Incubus (Purple) Solo Boss: Incubus (Blue) Solo Boss: Incubus (Red) Solo Boss: Incubus (White)