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Category:Fighter Skills

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For the Fighter talent, see Talent#Martial Arts.
For the enchant, see Rank A Enchants#Fighter.
  • Fighter Skills are skills related to fist brawling.
    • While technically related to Combat, Fighter Skills have their own tab and list of skills.
  • All Fighter Skills require Knuckles equipped in order to be used.
  • Fighter Skills are stronger than Combat Skills and can cause various debuffs.
  • All Fighter Skills within the exception of Respite load instantly, but have lengthy cooldowns.
  • The disadvantage of Fighter Skills is that they mainly focus on 1:1 battles and have difficulty fighting against groups of enemies. Some skills also have incredibly long start-up or attacking animations, which further increases their vulnerability.
  • All offensive Fighter Skills Stun longer than Knuckles.
  • All Fighter Skills aside from Knuckle Mastery and Counter Punch are learned during the Rush of Love side-quest line. To start it, simply equip any knuckle.

For skills that aren't implemented yet, go to Category:Unreleased Skills.

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