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Category:Gold Pouches

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Future content.png As of the Gold Renewal Update, the content on this page is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.

This category is for Items that provide extra storage for Gold coins.

  • Gold pouches can only be accessed while stored in the inventory of a player or pet.
  • They can be traded and dropped whether they are empty or containing Gold coins, .
  • A gold pouch containing Gold coins can be stored in a bank but the Gold coins will be deposited (with a deposit fee being charged) and only the empty gold pouch will be stored.
  • When storing an empty gold pouch in a bank there is no bank storage fee (this applies whether the gold pouch is empty or made empty by the above example).
  • The image of a gold pouch changes from empty to full once 10 or more Gold coins are stored in it.
  • Gold pouches do not reduce in price on Alban Heruin (Wednesdays) in NPC shops. Other items sold from NPC shops will reduce by 5% in price due to the daily effects that occur on Wednesdays..
  • Granites in Filia will give a 10% discount for gold pouches to Elf-allied Humans
  • Zeder in Vales will give a 12% discount for gold pouches to Giant-allied Humans.

For a quick comparison of gold pouches go here.

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