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For the weapon, see Zeder II.
Portrait of Zeder ShiarpeFile:Zeder.png
Zeder Shiarpe
Race Giant
Gender Male
Occupation Storekeeper, Tailor
Location Vales
Repair Tailor Repairs, 98%
Track Old Hero's Visage
Tada! My name is Zeder. The greatest Giant in all of Physis and Iria, with the quickest feet and power no one can match!




A Giant kid full of mischief. With big bright eyes, full of life, he gives a big smile.

Zeder is the handsome young Giant male wearing a dark pink coat who runs the General Store. He sells clothes, some armor and other assortments of things exclusively for Giants.


Mainstream Story




  • Zeder NPC Costume
  • Zeder NPC Boots
  • Zeder NPC Gloves


Track Title
Old Hero's Visage
Speaking to Zeder


  • Zeder is implied to be younger than 10.[1]
  • Zeder is the German word for the cedar tree.
  • Zeder is one of the few giants whose character artwork does not match his in-game model.
  • Zeder's father was the late King Shiarpe.
    • Shiarpe is likely supposed to be the German word scharp meaning sharp.
  • Previously, Zeder had a yellow eye color. This was erroneously changed to a mismatched eye color with the 2021 Beauty Update.



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