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Portrait of GranitesFile:Granites.png
Race Elf
Gender Male
Occupation Storekeeper
and Grocer
Location Filia
Part-Time Job General Shop
7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Report From: 9:00 am
Repair Miscellaneous Repairs, 95%
Track Mirror That Sheds Light on Loneliness
Don't tell me you're expecting me to answer each and every one of these questions...


—Granites, private story keyword


Speaking with his fed up and dissatisfied voice, he looks around with a bored gaze that looks as if he's mesmerized by a swinging pendulum.

Granites is near the southwest bit of Filia, minding the General Store in the town. He wears a Blue Sasha Robe with light blue hair and violet eyes. He is extremely cynical: Marlowe and Lanier both mentioned even when faced with a pack of wolves, Granites did not try to defend himself, nor did he look apprehensive. However, this does not stop him from tending to his store with efficiency; and in fact, both Marlowe and Lanier state his store seems to be the only place where he appears normal.


Granites has a brother, Granat who is now located in Taillteann. Although Granites had been born a few hours earlier, people assume Granat is the older one. They used to fight in battle together against the Giants, and Granat claims Granites is the best shot he has ever seen. Granites has also gained much fame after impeding a Giant attack with only a scouting party. However, something in the war changed his demeanor to the point he will not tell even his brother what he saw. Granites is now retired from the battlefield.

Mainstream Story



Part-Time Jobs

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Track  Title
Mirror That Sheds Light on Loneliness
Speaking to Granites


  • Granites' name likely comes from the stone granite, which in turn gets its name from the Latin word granum (meaning seed or grain).
    • Granum refers to the pomegranate. Besides granite, the term also inspired the words garnet (suggesting Granites' eye color) and grenade (suggesting Granites' military background).
    • Granites' brother Granat's name comes from the same background.
  • The Korean spelling of his name 글라니테스 (Geul-la-ni-te-seu) suggests his localized name is most likely pronounced græniːtɛs.