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Category:Hero Talents

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The Hero Talent Selection Screen


  • An Ace Hero Talent, also known as Ace Talent or Hero Talent for short, is a special talent that covers multiple talents in terms of skill training.
  • Each hero talent was inspired by an associated Ace.
  • You must pay 39 Pons during rebirth in order to use or keep a hero talent.
  • By selecting a hero talent, one can receive double skill training for multiple types of Milletian Talents specified by the talent.
    • For example, the Druid talent provides double training to skills associated with the Magic, Holy Arts or Medicine talents.
  • The hero talent will register as a hybrid talent title if all the associated Milletian Talents are at Master level.
    • This title uses the hero talent's associated icon rather than the default hybrid icon.
    • It is not necessary to be of that hero talent in order to receive the title.
  • Selecting a hero talent also grants some associated skills at Novice Rank, if they are not already in possession.
  • Hero talents are considered hidden talent titles, and therefore, do not have Talent Stat Bonuses. However, each hero talent has their own associated base, level, and age bonus that is received while currently under that talent.
  • Selecting a hero talent will allow you to use the Hero Support feature.

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