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For the rebirth system specific to pets, see Pets#Rebirth.


A character being reborn.
The second step of a character rebirth.

Nao guides Milletians through the process of rebirth. To be reborn means to abandon an old body and be born into a new one, in her own words. However, the soul itself is not altered.

  • Characteristics such as physical features, age, and level that were associated with the old body can be bestowed onto the new one.
  • Warning: If you rebirth after 12:00PM Saturday(PST), before you log-in and receive your aging AP points, you will not Age nor gain the AP for aging.

Benefits of Rebirth


  • You cannot change your character's name.
  • You cannot rebirth into another Race.
  • You cannot rebirth to an older age.
  • If you are under cumulative level 1,000, you can rebirth once a day.
  • If you are between cumulative level 1,000 ~ 2,999, you can rebirth once every two days.
  • If you are between cumulative level 3,000 ~ 4,999, you can rebirth once every four days.
  • If you are above cumulative level 5,000, you can rebirth once every six days.
  • Rebirthing into a Hero Talent requires 39 Pon.

What Stays

What Doesn't Stay

What You May Change


  • Age, Character Level and Exploration Level.
    • Choosing Ages 11 ~ 17 does not give you the extra AP as it does for a completely new character.
    • Resetting your level and exploration level to 1 advances their cumulative totals by 1 (even when resetting from level 1 to level 1).
    • You cannot reset one or the other; it has to be all or neither.
  • Gender.
    • All beauty options that are not free will need to be paid for again, even if they are the same.
      • This can be circumvented by using the Dressing Room's Beauty Slot feature. The features unavailable to the character's new gender will be grayed out.
  • You may choose to keep your current equipment on.
    • Unchecking the equipped equipment box will automatically dress you in the Newbie Wear of your race.
      • Its color can be changed depending on your age.
  • Appearance.
    • Pons are required to select Premium Appearances.
      • You cannot choose Beauty Coupon options from the rebirth UI should you wish to change your appearance.

Keep Equipped Equipment

Rebirth Location

  • You may choose to start at your last location or Iria.
    • Humans may also rebirth to Tir Chonaill.
      • Which NPC you meet with is determined by where you rebirth.

How to be Reborn


You can rebirth in two ways:

  1. Choose the 'Rebirth' option on the character selection screen.
  2. From in-game, via the character window > additionnal info tab > Rebirth

You can rebirth as long as the "Availability" in the Additional Info tab of the Character window reads "Available". You can also use a Rebirth Potion to be able to rebirth immediately.
You will enter the Soul Stream. Talk to Nao to proceed and optionally get more information on the process. Click "Rebirth" when you are done listening to her to be taken to the Rebirth window. From here, proceed on as if you were simply creating a new character.

  • If you wish to make any changes to your character, you must check mark the corresponding options on the first page. They are all checked by default.
    • You can go back at any time if desired.
    • You do not need to make any modifications to proceed with rebirthing if you do not wish it, even if the boxes are checked.

The last process of a Rebirth is choosing your Talent. You will be asked to confirm whether you want to rebirth into the selected talent. If you chose a Hero talent, a cost of 39 Pon will be prompted for you to agree on. If you lack the pon, you can return to the first screen and buy pons from there.

  • If you rebirth into a Hero Talent, you will be asked to choose a character to support.

If it is your first Rebirth, you will be given the Reborn title , which gives +6 STR, INT, DEX, Will, and Luck.


  • Rebirth, also known as reincarnation, is a real-world religious concept that roughly matches the game's depiction.
    • According to disputed accounts such as Julius Caesar's Commentarii de Bello Gallico, Gaulish druids believed in the reincarnation of the soul.
  • According to Marlowe, Shakespeare had once rebirthed from a Human to an Elf, a Giant, and back, despite that rebirthing between races is not possible.
  • Prior to Generation 13, the player was required to wait until the real-time day that they last rebirthed on.
  • Prior to the New Beginnings update, Character Cards rebirths were only free when a character reached age 20.
  • In the past, rebirthing into a Hero Talent and choosing to rebirth in Tir Chonaill or Iria and talking to one of the tutorial helpers would allow you to receive one of ten random Fixed Color Dye Ampoules and a Nao's Gift Collection Book.
    • Different NPCs gave a different selection of fixed dyes.
    • The ten random dyes were shown one at a time, and asked if you would take that dye. If you had not chosen by the 9th dye, you would be forced to take the 10th dye.