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Nao guides Milletians through the process of rebirth. To be reborn means to abandon an old body and be born into a new one, in her own words. However, the soul itself is not altered. Characteristics such as physical features, age, and level that were associated with the old body can be bestowed onto the new one. Players have to wait up to a maximum of 6 days real-time since the player's last rebirth before they may rebirth again.

All the achievements you have earned in your previous body, such as skill ranks and title, will also be carried over. Basically, being reborn is a way to advance even higher than before.

What Stays

A character being reborn.

What Doesn't Stay

  • Stats earned from Aging and Leveling Up.
  • Stats and weight gained from eating food, drinking weight loss potions, or resting in the Hot Springs.
  • Warning: If you rebirth after 12:00PM Saturday(PST), before you log-in and receive your aging AP points, you will not Age nor gain the AP for aging.
  • The effects of any Age Potion if used before Rebirth.

What You May Change

  • You may change your appearance upon being Reborn, if you so desire.
    • Pons are required to select Premium and Coupon Appearances.
  • You may reset your character's age from 10 to the age you are rebirthing from, with a maximum of 17.
    • Choosing Ages 11 ~ 17 does not give you the extra AP as it does for a completely new character.
    • You are not able to rebirth to an older age.
      • For example, rebirthing at a current age 13, you will not be allowed to select ages 14 through 17.
    • Choosing this option forces your character to start your character as Level 1 and Exploration Level 1.
  • You may choose to or not to reset your character's Level and Exploration Level.
    • The character may keep the current Level and Exploration Level, or be reset to level 1.
    • Resetting your level and exploration level to 1 advances their cumulative totals by 1 (even when resetting from level 1 to level 1).
  • You may change the gender of your character.
  • You may choose to start at your last location or Iria.
    • Humans may also rebirth to Tir Chonaill.
      • Which NPC you meet with is determined by where you rebirth.

What you Cannot Change

How to be Reborn

  • Characters may rebirth every 6 days.
    • Players under a Cumulative Level of 1000 may rebirth daily.
    • Players under a Cumulative Level of 3000 may rebirth every 2 days.
    • Players under a Cumulative Level of 5000 may rebirth every 4 days.
    • You can rebirth as long as the "Availability" in the Additional Info tab of the Character window reads "Available".
      • Currently, if the person rebirthing is not age 20, it will say "Character Card Required", but no character card is needed.
  • When you log into your account, click the "Rebirth" button. You will enter the Soul Stream and Nao will explain the process.
  • Click "Rebirth" when you are done listening to her to be taken to the Rebirth window.
  • From here, proceed on as if you were simply creating a new character.
    • If you wish to change appearances and reset level, you must check mark those options on the first page.
    • Make sure to choose "Next" at the bottom to access the appearance options, and not choose "Rebirth."
  • When you have finished, click the "Rebirth" button, and, if you are not using the Free Rebirth feature, you will be prompted to select a Character Card to use.
  • The last process of a Rebirth is choosing your Talent.
    • You are prompted to ask Nao for an explanation of the specific Talent. Once you have made your choice, she asks you to confirm it.
    • If you are currently using a Talent as you rebirth, Nao will ask you if you want to change it.
  • As soon as you are Reborn, all of your current equipment is placed into your inventory. Any equipment that cannot fit into your inventory is put into Temporary Inventory with no time limit to retrieve.
    • You will start with a Newbie Wear and Newbie Shoes. These can, of course, be dropped to make room for your old equipment.
    • If it is your first Rebirth, you will also be given the Reborn title , which gives +6 STR, INT, DEX, Will, and Luck.
    • If you rebirth for free while using a Hero Talent, you will be prompted to choose a normal talent which only benefits that said talent.
    • Rebirthing into a Hero Talent requires 39 Pon.

Benefits of Rebirth

  • If you want to start at a different Age, the option will be available through Rebirth.
  • Along with your current Level, your Exploration Level will also reset back to one.
  • Rebirthing into a Hero Talent and choosing to rebirth in Tir Chonaill or Iria and talking to either Tin, Ffion, Meriel, or Vena, depending on race and rebirth location chosen, will allow you to receive one of ten random Fixed Color Dye Ampoules and a Nao's Gift Collection Book.
    • Different NPCs give a different selection of fixed dyes.
    • The ten random dyes are shown one at a time, and asking if you will take that dye. If you have not chosen by the 9th dye, you will be forced to take the 10th dye.


  • According to Marlowe, Shakespeare had once rebirthed from a Human to an Elf, a Giant, and back, despite that rebirthing between races is not possible.
  • Prior to Generation 13, the player was required to wait until the real-time day that they last rebirthed on.