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Basic Information

Winter Ace Box.png The Aces are a group of people who are widely known for their excellence in categories of skills, having inspired the Hero Talents. They are first introduced in The Saga: Iria II and most of them reappear in the Chain of Destruction and later Generation 21: Finale. Other than that, very little is known about them.

Despite being the main characters of The Saga: Iria II next to the Milletian, most of the Aces had made very little appearances. Culinary Artist appears at the end of the prologue and leaves shortly after the beginning of episode 1; Starlet appears at the beginning of the prologue and Professor J appears at the prologue's end, and both leave after the beginning of episode 2 (however, illusions of Starlet and Professor J briefly appear in episode 5). Only Merlin is present in all episodes, while Treasure Hunter appears and remains in the story starting from the end of episode 2.


  • Merlin: The highly skilled mage, or Druid, of the Aces. His magic is said to be second-to-none, although Merlin's extremely arrogant and self-centered personality results him clashing with Professor J and Treasure Hunter, who both think Merlin is immature and incompetent.
  • Starlet: An unnamed highly skilled musician, or Starlet, of the Aces. She is widely popular for her songs and cares about the people around her, but is also very naive and oblivious.
  • Professor J: The highly skilled alchemist, or Vates, of the Aces. He is said to be the most gifted alchemist in the world and has a calm, logical demeanor, though he occasionally quarrels with Merlin.
  • Culinary Artist: An unnamed highly skilled chef, or Culinary Artist, of the Aces. Little is known about him other than his passion for food and cooking.
  • Treasure Hunter: An unnamed highly skilled adventurer, or Treasure Hunter, of the Aces. True to his name, Treasure Hunter possesses superb tracking skills and knowledge on artifacts, but is shown to be very greedy and frequently demands money over trivial things.
  • Eiren: A highly skilled Chain Slasher introduced in Chain of Destruction. A confident woman who cares deeply about her comrades. She possessed a Fomor parasite known as a Sluagh that would feed on the negative energy of Dorcha whenever she slew her enemies, which would eventually spiral out of control and force her to seal herself after she attacked her closest comrades. The other Aces have been searching for a way to unseal her; meanwhile the Fomors scheme behind the scenes to unseal her and covet her power.