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Portrait of Lorraine
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Storekeeper
Location Dugald Residential Town
Repair Miscellaneous Repairs, 90%


A cute young lady with round, metal-rimmed glasses bends over slightly, looking my way. Her arms, gently folded on front, are slender and long, peaking out of her bell-shaped sleeves. Her loosely-tied pigtails are reminiscent of the warm hue of a cream cup of tea latte, and her thick eyelashes over her dark jade green eyes and soft smile are full of inquisitiveness.

Lorraine is a shop owner in Dugald Residential Town. She is the twin sister of the General Store owner in Sen Mag Residential Town, Elain.

Lorraine is not actually her real name. She states that she used to go by a different name, but wanted a prettier name. She does not offer forward what her old name used to be.

She tends to giggle...a lot.

Music Track Title: A Different Charm, a Free Smile


Lorraine's Equipment