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Fine Anvil

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Anvil.png Anvil In-House.png
2 x 2 In-House

An anvil that can be used inside the house. If you have a Blacksmith skill, you can use ingots, ores, and other items to create metallic objects. You can even charge a usage fee to the visitors of your home wanting to use this tool.

A Fine Anvil is used for blacksmithing in a player's home.

For a quick comparison of in-house production tools go to Production Tools List#In-House Tools and for individual articles go to Category:In-House Tools.

A Fine Anvil only affects the success rate, not the amount completed each attempt.


Increases success rate for blacksmithing by 4~5%


Only usable in a player's house.

Blacksmithing Requirements

The blacksmithing manual for the Fine Anvil is incorrectly named 'Furnace for Fine Anvil'.

Manual's Name Manual's
Manual's Obtainment In-progress
Materials Needed
per Attempt
Avg. Completion
per Success
Smith Guide.png
Blacksmithing Manual -
Fine Anvil
9  ? 12,700 G
Lorraine, Elain,
Lileas (90 JP)
Anvil.png Castle Building Stones × 4
Iron Plate × 3
Mythril Plate × 3
N/A 70%
Approx. 2 attempts.