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Category:Pet Totems

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Basic Information

  • Totems are special items that give a buff to stats while active.
  • To activate a totem, right-click it and select "Activate". To deactivate a totem right-click it and select "Deactivate", put it in the bank, or put it in a pet's inventory.
    • There is a 10 second cooldown between activating or deactivating totems manually.
    • Inactive totems will have a red background.
    • Totems remain active until deactivated in some way.
    • You cannot have a regular totem active in a pet's inventory even when you are playing as the pet. Instead, pets have their own unique set of totems.
  • You may only have one active totem for each stat.
  • Sequel totem effects can stack with regular totems, but not with other sequel totems.
  • In addition to regular totems players may also equip amulets and emblems.
    • Identical stat boosts will stack with regular totem stats.
    • You may only have one of each additional type of totem, however.
  • All Stance Cards are classified as totems.
    • Multiple stance cards may be used, as they are considered different stats.
  • Totems can be destroyed.
  • Totems can be given to Spirit Weapons as food.