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Inventory icon of Check

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It's a kind of currency you can use in place of money. You have to pay a certain amount of processing fee to use it.

Basic Information

  • Can hold gold in increments of 10,000 G with a maximum of 10,000,000 G.
    • The amount held is displayed in the item's description.
    • Some checks will contain amounts smaller than the minimum or larger than the maximum.
      • VIP Service increases the maximum of a Check to 40,000,000 G.
      • Guardian Guild Members have access to an increased maximum by 10,000,000 G in their town.
      • Checks rewarded through events are not restricted by the maximum.
      • Gold that was left in a house upon expiry of the lease can result in checks for less than 10,000 G.
  • The color of the check changes color depending on the amount written on it.
  • Must be deposited into the bank in order to make use of the gold held within.
  • Processing fee is 5%.

Methods to Obtain





  • Checks rewarded and sometimes those made in Tir Chonaill during Anniversary Events will have special designs.
  • Blaanid rewards specially designed Blaanid's Special Check for completing specific parts of her questline.
    • All Blaanid Checks are pink-colored because they are all "10K to Under 2M" in Gold Value


Check Colors

Check Designs