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Seasonal Ducat

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For the game's main currency, see Gold.
For the non-timed variant, see Ducat.
For the currency used in the Beauty Shop, see Pon.

File:Seasonal Ducat.png


Seasonal Ducats function similarily to their regular Ducat counterpart, but with a few exceptions;

  • They are the sole currency used in the Seasonal Commerce system.
  • All Ducats acquired during the season are Seasonal Ducats.
  • 10,000 Seasonal Ducats are given when the player talks to a Commerce Trade NPC for the first time after the season starts in Uladh or Iria.
  • You can use Ducats in the existing Commerce Trade shop, purchase the existing trade transportations, and repair Fomor weapons.
  • You can use Seasonal Ducats to rent the new transportation methods, or purchase items at Sayiv's Seasonal Ducat shop in Port Qilla.
  • You can exchange Seasonal Ducats for Ducats once a day at the Trade Merchant NPC in Uladh or Iria.
  • At the end of the season, the acquired Seasonal Ducats will automatically be converted in Ducats.