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Christmas Event (2011)

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December 22nd, 2011 - January 12th, 2012


Talk to the Snowman in Dunbarton Square to receive a snowman item and three snowballs.

Summon your snowman and use snowballs to make him grow! Achieve the maximum height to receive a Snowman Gift Sack.

If St. Nick's luck is on your side, your Gift Sack will contain a Reindeer Whistle or other great items![1]

Basic Information

  • Upon logging in during the event, you will receive the Making Snowmen quest and 3 Magical Snowballs.
    • You receive 3 Magical Snowballs every day, and 1 Magical Snowball every 36 minutes you are logged into the game.
      • If you are summoned by Nao when you log into the character, you will not receive the 3 daily snowballs.
        • Re-log or change channels to receive the daily snowballs.
  • Speak the the Snowman NPC to obtain a Visiting Snowman.
  • You must use the Visiting Snowman to place it on the ground to use the Magical Snowballs on it.
    • The Snowman starts at 50 cm.
    • You cannot place the Visiting Snowman too close to another player's snowman.
    • The amount of height gained from placing Magical Snowballs onto the Snowman is random but in between 1 and 10 cm.
      • Thus you will require between 20 to 200 snowballs to reach the full size.
    • You cannot be too far from the snowman.
  • You can only use the Visiting Snowman every 10 minutes.
    • The Snowman will stay in the summoned position for 5 minutes before it de-summons itself.
    • The Snowman will also de-summon if you leave the map you summoned it in, change channel, or log off.
  • Once your snowman reaches 250 cm, return to the Snowman NPC (there is no time limit for this) and you will receive a Snowman's Gift Sack and the title Snowman's Friend.
  • Upon using the Snowman's Gift Sack, you will receive 10 Magical Snowballs and a random reward.
  • If you raise a snowman to 250 cm, and receive a new one from the Snowman NPC, it is possible to continue adding snowballs if your previous snowman has disappeared, (this can quickly be achieved by warping to your homestead) without waiting for the cooldown to reset. The previously fully-grown snowman will shrink down to 50 cm, allowing you to redeem multiple snowmen in a short period of time, provided you have enough snowballs to do so.
  • For the duration of this event, all rain weather will be replaced with snow and ornaments.
  • Using Rain Casting during the event period will produce snow instead similar to using the skill in Physis.


Fixed Reward

Random Reward






Making Snowmen
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Christmas Event to receive the quest.

Briefing Talk to the Snowman in front of the statue in Dunbarton.
  • 10,000 Experience Points
Additional Information
  • The Snowman is located at the Unicorn Statue in Dunbarton.

Stages of the Snowman

Snowman 2011 Stage 1.png Snowman 2011 Stage 2.png Snowman 2011 Stage 3.png Snowman 2011 Stage 4.png
Stage 1
50cm ~ 89cm
Stage 2
90cm ~ 149cm
Stage 3
150cm ~ 249cm
Stage 4