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Collection Journal

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For quests related to the Collection Journal, see Collection Journal Quests.

Basic Information

  • The Collection Journal is a journal that keeps track of the creatures you hunt, the creatures you can transform into, fish you catch, the dishes you eat, and the creatures you tame.
  • You can access the Collection Journal though the Character Information window.
  • Journal Achievements can be earned through finishing certain tasks inside the Collection Journal, within the exception of Hunting and Transformation.
  • Certain Collection Journal Quests will be given to you as you progress in your Collection Journal.
  • For the Fishing, Cooking and Taming Journals, once you have completed the journal (collected one of each), star ratings will appear under each entry in the journal. Ratings go up to a maximum of 5 stars.
    • In the Fishing Journal, star ratings correspond to the size of the fish.
    • In the Cooking Journal, star ratings correspond to the quality of the food.


Hunting Diary.png
Hunting Diary
Transformation Diary.png
Transformation Diary
Fishing Journal.png
Fishing Journal
Cooking Journal.png
Cooking Journal
Taming Journal.png
Taming Journal
Crafting Diary.png
Crafting Diary

Related Titles

# Name Title Description Requirement(s) Effects
94 the Epicure A title given to those who have fully completed the Cooking Collection Journal. Collect at least 150 five-star foods from the Cooking Collection Journal. Max MP +15, Luck +15, Int + 15, Will + 15
95 the Conqueror of the Wild A title given to those who have fully completed the Animal Collection Journal. Fill the Collection Journal of Taming by taming monsters and animals. Max HP +15, Luck +15, Str + 15, Will + 15
96 the Master Angler A title given to those who have fully completed the Fishing Collection Journal. Catch five star versions of each fish in the Collection Journal of Fishing at least once. Max SP +15, Luck +15, Dex + 15, Will + 15

Related Enchants

Name Type, Rank Enchants Onto Effect(s) Comes On/From
Chef Suffix, 8 Life Exploration Cooking Knife
Max Damage +10
When using "the Epicure" title Max Damage +2~10
Min Damage +5
x2 Repair Cost
Fishy Suffix, 8 Life Exploration Fishing Rod
Luck +5
Max Damage +23
When using "the Master Angler" title Max Damage +2~12
x2 Repair Cost
Note: Formerly known as "Scent of the Sea"
Enchant Scroll (Sea Troll), Wooden Club (Fishing in Port Cobh)
Persistent Prefix, 7 Life Exploration Weapons
Critical +8%
When using "the Conqueror of the Wild" title Critical +3~6%
When using "the Epicure" title Critical +3~6%
When using "the Master Angler" title Critical +5%
Note: Formerly known as "Persistence"
Pickaxe (Fishing at Port Cobh)
Tempting Suffix, 8 Life Exploration Taming Cane
Magic Attack +2
When using "the Conqueror of the Wild" title Magic Attack +2~4
Max MP +20
Will +5
x2 Repair Cost
Note: Formerly known as "Temptation"