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Deliver the Ice Mines

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For other Generation 9 missions, see Category:G9 Shadow Missions.
For other missions, see Category:Shadow Missions.
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  • This mission is part of Generation 9.
  • You must protect Jenna. If she is killed, the mission becomes an automatic failure.
  • Approximately seven waves of five spawns of enemies will spawn. You will receive seven Ice Mines which you may use to defend your position before they come.
    • The Ice Mines are rank 9 with seven uses on all difficulties. This is strong enough to one-hit-kill the monsters in Basic and Intermediate.
  • It should be noted that the Shadow Fighters and Shadow Lancers are substantially weaker than their normal variants.
  • If you fail the mission, simply talk to Andras again to receive the mission again. You will receive seven Ice Mines to place on each attempt.

Mission Information

  • G9 Quest: Back to the Battlefield
  • Party Size: 1-3
  • Time Limit: 30 minutes
  • Mission Details: The Ice Mines that Fallon had requested have been prepared. Deliver the Ice Mines to Fallon before it's too late.



Basic 10,000