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Portrait of JennaFile:Jenna.png
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 18
Occupation Novice Blacksmith
Ex-Temple Knight
Location Shadow Realm
Repair Blacksmith Repairs, 80%


Jenna is a former Temple Knight raised by Collen. She is childhood friends with Leymore and strongly believes in the Goddess Neamhain.
She also fancies blacksmithing.

Blacksmith Description: A girl with a hammer in one hand stands studying a sheet of metal. She doesn't look quite how you'd expect a Blacksmith to look. But her passion in her eyes is undeniable. They burn like Palala, despite her new role.

Repairing Items

After Generation 11, Jenna becomes a blacksmith. However, due to her inexperience, Jenna's repair success rate is the lowest out of all NPCs at 80%.
She states she is willing to repair the player's equipment for free in hopes to better her knowledge in blacksmithing.

There is currently a known visual glitch that displays extremely high repair fees when repairing with her.

Mainstream Story


Track Title
Heartfelt Plea
Cutscenes involving Leymore and Jenna


  • Jenna is the only repairing NPC who does not charge anything.
    • During events that have 100% Repair Rates, Jenna charges the player fees similar to 90% repairs.