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Ice Mine

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A mine made by combining an Ice Spear Crystal with a Earth Crystal and an Unknown Ore Fragment. If planted in the ground, it will detonate once nearby enemies are detected. Shooting arrows or bolts from a distance can also activate detonation, but doing so may inflict damage on your own teammates, so exercise caution.

Ice Mine.png

2 × 1
Stack: 10

Name Ice Mine Method Synthesis
Sold By None NPC Resale Value 50 G
  • When this item is used, the user plants an ice mine on the ground via the Ice Mine action. When an enemy steps on it, they will be frozen for a few seconds and then damaged and knocked back, similar to Ice Spear.
  • Ice Mines can only be planted in Shadow Missions, Dungeons, and Falias.
  • Friendly characters can become affected by the mine's damage as well, so take caution when using them.
  • Enemy Ice Mines are detectable through L-Rods, Arat Berries, the Detection skill, and the Demigod transformation.
  • Ice Mines can be targeted and destroyed by Ranged and Magic Skills.
  • Ice Mine's rank and charge is based on the Synthesis rank (Rank B Synthesis will create a rank B ice mine).
    • However, the damage efficiency is set to 0.8 (or 80% of the original spell damage) and is not based off the user's Mana Crystallization rank.
  • If a pet sets off a mine, and is then unsummoned right after, it will take no damage, however it cannot move for a short time when resummoned.

Methods to Obtain

Monster Drop


Item Recipe Rank
Ice Mine Ice Spear Crystal ×1
Unknown Ore Fragment ×5
Earth Crystal ×5

Related Titles

# Name Hint Description Hint Requirement Title Description Requirement(s) Effects
18 the Mine Expert (unknown) (unknown) Only those who know how to strategically plant mines have the right to use this title. Attack 4 or more enemies at once with a single Ice Mine. Freezing other Players and/or Friendly NPCs will count toward this title. Str -10 Int -10, Will -10
Dex +20, Stamina +15, Defense +2


  • The Crash Shot skill was based on the principle of Ice Mines.