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Portrait of AndrasFile:Andras.png
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Tara Military Leader
Location Taillteann
Repair Blacksmith Repairs, 96%
Track Hidden Sorrow


I am General Andras of the Tara Royal Guards.


—Andras, Generation 9

A blood-red cape billows behind her. Her uniform practically goes all the way up to her chin, giving her an air of austerity and resolve.

Andras is the Human Praetorian Captain of Taillteann and Vice Commander of the Tara Royal Guards. She leads the Tara expeditionary force in Taillteann following the discovery of the Shadow Realm.

She wears a red shoulder-coat with a large white collar on her uniform. Her hair is a beautiful blonde that almost looks like silk from a distance. She also wears a blue hairband.

She sells hunting and party quests.


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She is adopted by Lezzaro, but has no memory of her birth parents.

Mainstream Story

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Andras's Past RP


Track Title
Hidden Sorrow
Speaking to Andras


  • Her track title in Korean servers is known as Being Sad, as Certainty hides Certainly.
    • During a RP Quest Andras had Rank E Combat Mastery, Windmill, Rank C Counterattack, Rank B Defense, Rest, First Aid, Rank A Magnum Shot, Rank 9 Critical Hit, Rank 8 Ranged Attack, Healing, Rank 7 Magic Mastery, Rank 6 Firebolt, Rank 5 Lightning Bolt, and Rank 4 Icebolt.