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Desert Dragon Summoning (2011)

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For similar events, see Desert Dragon Event (disambiguation).
June 1st 2011 ~ June 7th 2011


Ruins and marks are spread all across the surface of the Muyu Desert. The surface of the desert is to be feared: winds have been known to cause blinding and abrasive sandstorms that can peel the flesh any who dare enter the arid wasteland. The only thing that makes the desert even more foreboding than it already is are the massive dragons that patrol the skies above. The desert dragons have been breeding and now their brood threatens to expand beyond the confines of the Muyu desert!

Every four hours in real time, a Desert Dragon will arrive in Muyu Desert. Gather your friends, allies, and guild members and fight back against this fearsome menace! Only the most stoic forces can push back the Desert Dragon invasion! Culling the beasts' brood shouldn't take longer than a week (June 1st to June 7th), so make sure you get your chance to fight one of these epic creatures![1]


The following table records the last reported spawn times for the Desert Dragon. Minutes are approximate and times may or may not be recent.

Consider that the dragon appears every four hours when estimating the next spawn for your time zone and server.

Date (PDT) PDT MDT CDT EDT UTC Reported Server
6/1/2011 09:25 (9:25am) 10:25 (10:25am 11:25 (11:25am) 12:25 (12:25pm) 16:25 (4:25pm) Tarlach
6/3/2011 17:16 (5:16pm) 18:16 (6:16pm) 19:16 (7:16pm) 20:16 (8:16pm) 00:16 (12:16am) Mari
6/4/2011 14:46 (2:36pm) 15:46 (3:36pm) 16:46 (4:36pm) 17:46 (5:36pm) 21:46 (9:36pm) Ruairi
6/4/2011 Around 21:00 (9:00pm) Around 22:00 (10:00pm) Around 23:00 (11:00pm) Around 00:10 (12:00am) Around 04:00 (4:00am) Alexina

Channel Spawn Order:

  • Alexina: 5 > 4 > 3 > 1 > 2
  • Mari: 4 > 2 > 3 > 5 > 1 > 6 > 7
  • Ruairi: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 7
  • Tarlach: 1 > 3 > 5 > 7 > 2 > 4 > 6


  • Mark the Sheep Mark (by walking over it) to use it as a potential revival spot. If you die and choose to revive at the last warp point, it will bring you to the mark at the cost of a small amount of EXP (or zero if you have Premium Service).
  • Bring lots of feathers and revive your pets or other players and their pets during the fight for enough experience to revive on spot, in case you drop items when you die.
  • If you fear the loss of durability, it is suggested that you fight with fists and wear no clothing (wearing a robe or clothes dropped by the dragon is advised if you don't want to run around naked and the durability of the robe will be lost). You can also fight with dual-wielded Daggers for quick hits, albeit a good connection is recommended for that.
    • If you do lag a lot or do not want to waste durability, you can also hit the dragon once and wait for it to be killed. This will qualify you for a drop, provided you are not too far away when it is defeated.
  • It is best to sketch the dragon when its trying to run away. To do so, position yourself within or close to the dust cloud caused by the gusts from his wings and click on him while he is in the air. The sketch will always be a success and he should be in flight long enough for the sketch to complete.
  • The best way to combat the dragon is to have one person Windmill. The person who Windmills the dragon can lock the aggro, making the dragon target the Windmiller. They must then fly and stay in the air with a flying mount. As long as no one else resets the aggro of the dragon, all other players can normally attack until it attempts to flee or until it dies. It is highly suggested to have at least one player with peaceful music should it attempt to run away.
    • If the Windmiller does manage to keep the aggro of the dragon, they can lead it into the northern border of Muyu Desert. The dragon would be unable to use Stampede due to it being pinned against the wall.
      • Should the dragon attempt to flee from the northern wall, it will, at some point, fly back to where it first came down.
    • You are still vulnerable to the dragon's attacks despite not being aggroed by the dragon. It is advised to attack from either the side, or the back of the dragon in order to avoid Stampede and Stone breath.
  • Whenever the dragon is in the air, you can hit it with Magnum Shot, Arrow Revolver, Support Shot(?), Mirage Missile, and any Magic Bolt.
    • There is also a chance for it to cancel its Dragon Fireball when hit with any of the skills listed above.
  • Attacking with a Lance weapon will give you enough distance to avoid Stampede, provided you are attacking its side or back.
  • Due to the possibility of high amounts of latency, it is advised to un-equip as many items as you can, as you may lose the items if you lag and then die while being revived.