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Devil's Dash

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Devil's Dash.png When summoned by its owner, the Bone Dragon uses powerful demonic powers to attack nearby enemies. Enemies hit by these demonic powers are stunned for a certain amount of time, and their Defense and Protection are decreased.


  • Possessed only by the Bone Dragon.
  • When a Bone Dragon is summoned, it releases a cry of darkness in a straight line, doing damage, stunning all of the surrounding enemies nearby the dragon, and lowers the targets Defense by 15 and Protection by 10 for 5? minutes.
    • Does not activate if the pet is unconscious prior to summoning.
  • Although this is a magic skill, it triggers Heavy Stander rather than Mana Deflector.
  • The Range of effect is ?.
  • Can attack enemies through obstacles and walls.
  • Enabling Mini Effects causes the cry of darkness to become invisible.


Rank N F
Var1 900
Var2 4000
Var3 500
Def/Prot Down? 15
Def/Prot Down? 10
Var6 300
Var7 100
Var8 1000
Var9 350
Var10 350
Var11 450