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Emerald Arrow

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For a full list of arrows and other missiles, see Missiles List and [[::Category:Missiles]].
For other magical arrows, see Magic Arrows List.
For the quest item, see Castanea's Emerald Arrow.


Inventory icon of Emerald Arrow

1 × 3
Stack: 100

A set of arrows and an arrow case that lights up in Emerald color. Offer this on Longa Desert Ruins, and you'll be transported to Longa Desert Emerald Ruins

Essential for killing the Emerald Magic Golem, as attacks with any other arrow or melee attack will only do one damage.

Method to Obtain


Monster Drops

What Where
Guardian of Ruins Longa Normal

Used In

Synthesis (Fixed Recipe)

Name Total Materials Needed to Make Rank
Mysterious Arrow (x1-2) Topaz Arrow x1 Amethyst Arrow x1 Emerald Arrow x1 Holy Water of Lymilark x1 B