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Exploration Gachapon (2011)

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This is an outdated version of this item. See Exploration Gachapon (2012) for the current version.


Exploration Gachapon have been updated with some exciting new items! In addition to the items you can complete and turn in for exploration experience and rewards, you can also find a whistle for the permanent version of the Brown Explorer Cat and Petal Collar Dog! Rare-colored Iris Headdress, Rubber Goggles, Pearl Shine Drops, and other past items are among the rare items you'll also find in Exploration Gachapon. Is it new items you're after? If you like earrings, you'll love the new Exploration Gachapon! There are earrings for right ears, left ears, both ears! Earrings with fairy wing adornments!

Not enough? Check out some of the other items you can receive from Exploration Gachapon!

Fairy Wing Earring
Silver Trio Earring (Either Ear)
Silver Trio Earring (Right Ear)
Silver Trio Earring (Left Ear)
Wave Bangle
Bangle of the Far East
Ornamented Crown
Dainty Corsage
Princess Hairband

Basic Information

Inventory icon of Exploration Gachapon

1 × 1
Stack: 1, 10, 35

Get the latest surprise gachapon item from a wide selection of items that are critical to your exploration quests!

  • This gachapon was available in the Item Shop.
  • A single box cost 1,000 NX and a bundle of 10 cost 10,000 NX.
  • There are multiple versions of this gachapon.


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