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Falias Gatekeeper

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Portrait of Eabha
Race Deity
Gender Male
Occupation Gatekeeper of Falias
Location Falias
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For the normal Eabha, see Eabha.


A boy who looks and sounds familiar, but he seems out of place for some strange reason.

The Falias Gatekeeper is a mysterious character that guards Falias. He strongly resembles Eabha, but is not him. He does prefer to be called Eabha, as the Gatekeeper prefers to be called by a familiar name for the Milletian. He claims to be one of Manannan mac Lir's many sons, and came to collect white bones of false gods.

He seems to have a calm, gentle personality. He also seems to care little about unimportant details (i.e. what he is called).

Throughout Generation 12, he guides the Milletian into helping Morrighan and save Falias from Nuadha's clutches.

Outside of Generation 12, he can switch attributes of Demigod between Babhbh Catha Goddess Morrighan and Neamhain. In order to perform this, the player needs 5 Holy Water of Lymilark prepared to "purify" their body, and then ask Eabha to switch attributes.
However, the reason the Milletian cannot use both powers simultaneously is because they lack Macha's powers, which makes the Babhbh Catha's abilities incomplete.



  • Contrary to popular belief, he is not the Homunculus Eabha. The Eabha in Taillteann is.
  • He claims that he is not actually real, but a shadow reflected in the Milletian's mind