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For the mainstream boss, see Nuadha (Monster).
Portrait of NuadhaFile:Nuadha.png
Race Deity
Gender Male
Occupation King of Gods
Track Airgetlam
The Star Above Falias
Hmph. If being a god means being like you, I choose to remain human.



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Nuadha Airgetlam (written as Nuada or Nuadau in the Irish Mythology, last name meaning the Silver Hand) is the King of the Gods. He was an honored warrior of the First War of Mag Tuireadh, formerly serving as the King and Champion of the Tuatha de Dananns and fought against the Fomors, but lost an arm and later died. Nuadha somehow comes back to life in Generation 12: Return of the Hero.

However, upon his return, Nuadha gained a great fear of death. He is proven to be a manipulative, cruel, and power-hungry man who wishes to escape death and has no care for anyone, not even the other Gods, having "shed all human compassion".

Mainstream Story


  • In the Irish Mythology, Nuada Airgetlám was the first king of the Tuatha Dé Danann until his arm was lost by Sreng of the Fir Bolgs in the First Battle of Mag Tuireadh. Since no one with a blemish could lead them, he was replaced by Bres, a half-Fomorian prince, who forced the Tutha Dé Danann to pay tribute to the Fomorians and work as slaves for seven years. Eventually Nuada was restored to the throne when Dian Cecht, the physician, created a working silver arm for him. After Nuada was restored to his rightful kingship and Bres was overthrown and exiled, the prince sought revenge and recruited Balor, the Fomorian King, and his army, which would lead to the events of the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh. When Lugh joined Nuada's court, he was impressed by his many talents and saw him as a leader who could lead the Tutha Dé Danann to victory in the upcoming war. Nuada was finally beheaded by Balor during the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh, but Lugh avenged Nuada by slaying Balor and succeeding the war.
  • Nuadha is the only Deity who can use Flight.
  • Nuadha seems to be the only Deity who has Demigod-like minions, namely the Daols.
  • Nuadha's first words to the player's Milletian are "Do not be afraid". This phrase is one of a few variations commonly used in biblical texts.
  • Despite being titled as the King of Gods, Nuadha is not the most powerful deity.