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Basic Information

Milletians (which, according to Tarlach, means from the Stars) are people who have come to Erinn from a different world. They are not native to Erinn and have distinct characteristics in comparison to those from Erinn, regardless of the Milletian's race. Some of the distinct characteristics of Milletians is the ability to be reborn and to change their appearance, age, and gender. All players and their pets are Milletians. Milletians visit Erinn's Soul Stream before entering Erinn. Written as Milesians in Irish Mythology, the term comes from the influential Lebor Gabála Érenn; the book was a medieval attempt to fuse Christian narratives with Ireland's history and mythology.

Mainstream Story

Characteristics of Milletians

Milletians and "The" Milletian


  • In the Irish Mythology, Milesians were descendants of the Míl Espáine. They were the final group to settle Ireland, and drove out the Tuatha de Danann.
  • Milletians are not truly immortal, as their lives are tied with the Soul Stream.
  • Shakespeare is the first, "uninvited" Milletian.
  • According to Tarlach in his book, Tarlach's Record, he claims that Tuatha de Dananns are incapable of remembering Milletians. He also claims that what may be one year for a Milletian could be one week for a Tuatha de Danann. He also claims that Milletians are more aggressive than Tuatha de Dananns.
    • Tarlach's claim of Tuatha de Dananns not remembering Milletians occurs throughout Part-Time Jobs. However, it does not seem to occur throughout the main storyline, though Aodhan strangely acts as if he had never met the Milletian during The Saga: Iria II, despite recently meeting and discussing their previous achievements during Generation 16.
  • Despite Partholon, his family and people having immigrated in Erinn through another realm, they are not considered milletians because they have no ties to the Soul Stream.