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For the city named after her, see Emain Macha.
For the Keyword, see Macha the Goddess of Destruction Keyword.
For the mainstream boss, see Macha (Monster).
Portrait of Macha
Race Deity
Gender Female
Occupation Goddess of Destruction


Macha is the Goddess of War and Destruction, the sister of Morrighan and Neamhain, and the second known Badhbh Catha Goddess. Macha is known to be able to control peoples' minds and chase away the fears and anxieties that paralyzed peoples' hearts. Macha excels in martial arts and has also been known to unify her warriors and provide them with the strength to overcome their enemies.

Macha is described in the book Macha According to Emain Macha.

The city, Emain Macha, is named after her, and some believe that she takes the form of a mermaid or a siren, hence the city's emblem.

Mainstream Storyline


  • Unlike her fellow deities, Macha does not use Demigod skills or have any form of attack; she only frequently Teleports and summons Aonbharrs and Red Falias Floating Stones to attack in her stead.
    • Also, unlike her fellow deities, Macha has no moving animation whatsoever.
  • Macha is one of two The Saga: Iria antagonists that has only engaged combat outside of a cutscene once, the other being Bhafel.