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Fire Lightning

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The Fire Lightning attack.

Fire Lightning magic is a hidden skill that can be triggered with Magic Fusion by two party members charging Firebolt and Lightning Bolt at the same time with the corresponding elemental wands (i.e. Firebolt with a Fire Wand, Lightning Bolt with a Lightning Wand). Details on how to perform fusion can be found on the Magic Fusion page.


Fire Lightning combines the high damage and guaranteed knockback of Firebolt with the multiple targeting effect of Lightning Bolt, creating a devastating spell where one player can deal a large amount of damage at once to a group of enemies.


  • Can be charged to a maximum of five charges per person.
  • The spell can be fired at any time, with all charges being released at once.
  • One person shooting their charges will not deplete the partner's charges, allowing for a maximum of two shots to be released before charging is required again.
  • Each shot can target multiple enemies if they are grouped closely together.
  • Will always knock back all enemies that the spell hits (even on enemies with Mana Deflector).
  • This spell will do more damage with more charges similar to Firebolt.
  • The person with Lightning Bolt may lose all their charges after a period of time like with diffused Lightning Bolt.
    • If this happens, the magic fusion will separate and the other person will be left with Firebolt and it will not be Fire Lightning fusion.
  • Does not contribute to skill training for Firebolt, Lightning Bolt, or Fusion Bolt because it is technically a separate skill.


  • This skill's damage will be equal to (Firebolt*Charges) + Lightning Bolt
    • At 5 charges, this skill's damage will be [(5 * Firebolt) + Lightning Bolt] * 1.3.