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Magic Fusion

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For the skill that allows a single player to fuse magic bolts, see Fusion Bolt.

Magic Fusion.png

Magic Fusion is a hidden passive skill where two players cast two different magic bolt spells. The passive skill will then activate, depending on which bolts were fused. It is then split into three separate skills. The three types of fused magic bolts are:


In order for the elemental bolts to fuse together, the following requirements must be met:

  • The two players must be in the same party.
  • The corresponding bolt spells must match with the corresponding Wands (e.g. Firebolt with a Fire-type Wand).
  • The two bolts must be of different types (e.g. you cannot fuse Icebolt with Icebolt).
  • The wands must not be upgraded with Chain Casting modifications.
  • Rank of the actual bolt magic does not matter in order to achieve this; it only affects the damage.

Both players must cast the spell and must end at approximately the same time. Each bolt spell has a different casting time at different ranks. For example, suppose Person A takes 1.5 seconds to cast Firebolt, and Person B takes 1 seconds to cast Icebolt. Person A must cast first, and Person B casts 0.5 seconds into Person's A cast. They will then finish casting at the same time, resulting in the fused bolts. Similar to regular magic bolts, all fused bolts can be stacked up to five charges.


  • Damage is equal to the combined damage of the two spells as well as the Intelligence bonuses of both players.
    • Firebolt's damage multiplier is also included when it is used for Magic Fusion.
      • Firebolt and Icebolt fusion will use a slightly different multiplier. This multiplier is: Firebolt Bonus / Remaining Charges.
        • It should be noted that Firebolt's damage bonus is 6.5 at 5 charges and decreases with the number of charges, meaning each bolt will be weaker than the last.
  • Each player's Bolt Mastery will contribute to the damage, as well as elemental masteries.
    • Fusion Bolt will not contribute to damage due to Magic Fusion being an entirely different skill, nor will it train Fusion Bolt.
  • When both are casting they can be a little bit off; they do not have to end at the same time (the timing difference can be up to 1 second, assuming lag is not a factor).
  • Each Bolt Magic gives the following effects:
    • Icebolt allows one attack per charge, allowing up to five charges that can be fired.
    • Lightning Bolt causes the spell to spread to multiple enemies, if the charge count is 2 or more.
    • Firebolt causes enemies to be forced down and increases damage with more charges.
  • Evasion cannot dodge Magic Fusion despite that Icebolt, Firebolt, and Lightning Bolt alone can be evaded.


  • If either player cancels their magic bolt, Magic Fusion will be canceled.
    • This will not occur if one of the users fires a bolt of magic fusion and then cancels.
  • The two players must be standing within a distance of approximately half of a standard Dungeon room (400 range? or 4 meters).