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Forest Purification

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See the black smoke coming out from that tree over there? It's a sign that the forest is expanding. If we leave it be, the corruption will spread out from here. We could cut down the tree, but... As soon as you chop it down, monsters will come swarming in. I've already lost half a dozen men to those fiends...



Basic Information

A tree that emits smoke.
A map of all the Smoking Trees.

Forest Purification is a special mini-game in Scathach Beach. Players must fight waves of monsters as an attempt to "purify" the area.

This is a quest that can be done by all races. There are no requirements to starting this quest. To initiate Forest Purification, you must have an Axe Weapon or have any Giant to punch the tree. Once you have the Axe or Giant, carefully make your way around Scathach Beach. Be aware of the roots of trees as you pass through, as they are obstacles that hinder your movement and it may become frustrating to get around. The terrain is also full of hills and different incline; passing through or escaping from monsters may become difficult as well.

Throughout Scathach Beach, there are trees that have smoke emitting from it. According to the Patrolman nearby, it is a sign of the corrupted forest expanding. Once you find a smoking tree, chop it down with the Axe Weapon or have a Giant punch it. Once it is down, the quest will start; there is no actual quest scroll. After a brief moment of silence, mobs will spawn.

Due to the nature of the mobs, it is extremely advised to bring strong people. The mobs will disappear in a few minutes and the 'quest' may continue. If the quest is delayed for several minutes or longer, the 'smoking trees' will stand back up. You may hit another smoking-tree but it will not be chopped down until the current mob is cleared. Other players may chop down the tree.

Monsters List

The following is a list of monsters that spawn during the Purification Process.

There are 7 waves of monsters to deal with. It is highly advised to bring a lot of people of varying strengths, such as archers, healers and etc.


The rewards will drop at the feet of only the person who triggered the quest and any members in that person's party.

  • Warning: If you are too far away from the starting point when finished, you will receive a message stating "You are too far away from the tree to receive the reward." and will not receive any of the drops.
    • For each wave finished, all party members will receive a fixed amount of EXP.
      • The initial wave rewards 10,000 EXP.
        • Each consecutive wave completed rewards an additional 5,000 EXP along with the previous amount of exp rewarded, with the exception of the last round with a reward of 80,000 EXP.
          • A total of 215,000 EXP is rewarded if the entire purification process is completed.

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