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Scathach Beach

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For the NPC, see Scathach.


Commerce Beach of Scathach Icon.png The Beach of Scathach is a corrupt area on Belvast Island, housing many powerful monsters that are noticeably stronger than most of the elite Fomors, on par with Peaca Dungeon's mobs. Scathach Caverns is located to the north.

There are designated Fishing Areas within the beach which, while fishing there, may cause monsters to spawn. The southern fishing area has Sea Trolls, while the northern one has River Sahagin Rangers. Fished monsters appear in small groups of 2 ~ 6, and will disappear after several minutes.

Forest Purification can be performed in this area.


Beach of Scathach.jpg

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Patrolman Base Camp
Sieve (NPC).png
Sieve (NPC)
Healer Base Camp
Urman (unofficial).png
Blacksmith Blacksmith Shop
Patrolman Various locations
Royal Alchemist Base Camp
Royal Alchemist (NPC).png
Royal Alchemist (NPC)
Royal Alchemist Various locations within Base Camp


Local Monsters


  • While the Beach could be named after the NPC Scathach, Scáthach itself means shady or shadowy and could instead refer to the dark and dismal nature of the beach.