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Scathach Beach

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For the NPC, see Scathach.

An overview of Scathach Beach.

Welcome to Scathach Beach. In this wonderful place, you can lose your life in the blink of an eye. Isn't it thrilling?


—Sieve, Private Story Keyword

Description and Geography

Map of Scathach Beach.
Commerce Beach of Scathach Icon.png The Beach of Scathach is a corrupt area on Belvast Island, housing many powerful monsters. Venomous spiders and snakes, wasps and more have made the area a challenge to go through. Even the river is unsafe to fish at.

There are designated Fishing Areas within the beach which, while fishing there, may cause monsters to spawn. The southern fishing area has Sea Trolls, while the northern one has River Sahagin Rangers. Fished monsters appear in small groups of 2 ~ 6, and will disappear after several minutes.

Forest Purification can be performed in this area.


Spoiler icon.png This part of the current article contains spoilers.

Areas of Interest


Resource Obtained From Location
Large Nail.png Large Nail
Small Gem.png Small Gem
Small Green Gem.png Small Blue Gem.png Small Red Gem.png Colored Small Gems
Hitting man-made objects

Fishing List


Southern Fishing Area

Northern Fishing Area



  • Blacksmith/Weapon Shop
  • Healer/ Healer's Shop



Areas Connected


Track Title
The Locked Door
Scathach Patrol Camp
Eat or be Eaten
Scathach Beach


  • While the Beach could be named after the NPC Scathach, Scáthach itself means shady or shadowy and could instead refer to the dark and dismal nature of the beach.
  • In the Korean public testing phase, Scathach Beach had deers. After the area was released, they disappeared.