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Friend Summon Capsule

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Enables you to summon a player of the same race as you or a Human player who supports your race. Use the item, enter the name of a player, and wait for his/her response. He/she will be summoned to your location upon accepting the request. Cannot be used in certain locations including dungeons and Sidhe Sneachta, or to summon a player using a skill at the time of a summons.


  • Use it to summon anyone in Uladh or Iria to your current location.
  • You must type in their exact name (case sensitive) in order to summon them.
  • You need the other person's permission in order to summon them.
  • You cannot use the summon capsule when:
    • The person is in Combat Mode.
    • The person is talking to an NPC.
    • The person is not online.
    • The person is on a mount.
    • The person is trading.
    • You or the person are not in the same channel or server.
    • Your or the person are in a homestead.
    • It has not yet been three minutes since a summoning request has been denied and you try to summon the same person who denied the request.
    • The person is in a pet battle.
    • You or the person are knocked unconscious.
    • You are in a dungeon.
    • You or the person are in Tir Chonaill (Another World) or Bangor (Another World).
    • The person is the opposing race or allied with the opposing race.
      • This means an elf-allied human or elf will be unable to summon a giant.
      • A giant-allied human or giant will be unable to summon an elf.
      • Humans will be able to summon other humans, even if they are allied with the opposing race.
    • You or the person are in a Battle Arena.
    • You or the person is Rafting in Courcle.
    • You or the person are using a skill or has a skill loaded.
  • If the correct name is entered, but the person cannot be summoned due to any of the above reasons, both players will be informed via message that an attempt to summon cannot be done.