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Basic Information

  • PvP, short for Player versus Player and sometimes called a Duel, is a term where players fight other players and/or their pets. There are many styles of PvP, but the main objective in each is to knock out opposing players.
  • Proficiency and most skill training method experience will not be gained, but Durability will still be consumed normally.
  • There is no EXP penalty when reviving during PvP, though restored stats will vary.
  • Blessings and Sanctification will not be lost if knocked unconscious in PvP.

Battle Arenas

  • Battle arenas can be accessed by offering a Battle Arena Coin to its corresponding Dungeon Altar. Doing so will warp the player to the arena lobby.
    • The exception is Connous Battle Arena, which does not have a Dungeon Altar.
  • In all arenas, stars are rewarded for defeating opposing players who also have stars. These can later be traded to the PvP NPC manager for more Battle Arena Coins.
    • Being defeated by another player will cause the defeated player to lose his/her star while the person who defeated that player will gain the star.
  • All players start with one star.
  • With the exception of the Connous Battle Arena, after every five minute interval, players without stars will be moved to the lobby, while any players left inside the arena will be completely healed.
    • Players will only be healed if they are still within the arena and are not unconscious.
Star.png One star.
Big Star.png Five normal Stars equal one Big Star.

Alby Battle Arena

  • Ranald sells Alby Battle Arena Coins. Goro manages the arena and also sells potions as well as coins.
  • To enter the arena, click on the statue behind Goro. The entrance fee is 5 Alby Battle Arena Coins.
  • The Alby Battle Arena is a free-for-all PvP, meaning all players will be able to attack each other.
  • Upon being Knocked Unconscious, the player will be given three resurrection methods. None of these methods will consume EXP.
    • Revive in the Lobby:
      • The player will resurrect in the Arena Lobby with full HP.
    • Revive in Arena:
      • The player resurrects near one of the four corners within the arena, with injuries.
    • Wait for Rescue:
      • The player waits to be resurrected by another player via Phoenix Feather. However, it is not possible to be resurrected this way if the PvP arena is not team-based (i.e. Alby Battle Arena), unless the player has a pet summoned and commands them to use a Pet First-Aid Kit.
  • There is a book about Alby Arena, called Battle Arena : Aim for a Giant Star sold by Trefor for 130G.
    • The book mentions a "Troll" spawning in the arena. However that is only true for Mabinogi services outside of North America.

Rabbie Battle Arena

  • Eavan sells Rabbie Battle Arena Coins. Pero manages the arena and also sells potions and Black Fomor Scrolls in addition to arena coins.
  • To enter the arena, click on the statue behind Pero. The entrance fee is 5 Rabbie Battle Arena Coins.
  • Rabbie Arena is a Paladin versus Dark Knight PvP.
    • There is unlimited transformation time within the lobby and arena, except for Demigod.
    • Falcons and Beasts are unable to enter.
      • However, Falcons and Beasts can still enter the lobby, thus are able to use the transformation in the lobby without any restrictions.
    • If the player leaves the battle arena while transformed, it will use up the transformation for that in-game day. The player's transformation may also cancel upon leaving the arena, should they have already transformed prior to entering the arena and before a new in-game day.
    • The player must transform in order to enter; a warning prompt will request the player to do so.
      • However, it is possible to enter the arena without staying in transformation by transforming, clicking the statue, cancel transformation, and accept the entrance request.
    • It is not possible to cancel transformation while inside the arena.
  • In the arena, Imps, Mimics, Wisps, White Bears, White Wolves, Flying Swords, and Lost Sahagins appear. They are aligned with Paladins and will attack any Dark Knight or Human.
    • Paladins may also draw their Aggro, but will not attack.
    • Dark Knights can bring the monsters under their control via Control of Darkness and have them attack the Paladins.
    • Since they are counted as field monsters, all monsters will yield EXP, may get "the Ancient" Title, and will count towards increasing Camping Penalty.
      • However, neither proficiency nor skill training experience is rewarded.
    • Being defeated by a monster yields the same penalty as being beaten by another player while in the arena; they gain stars if they defeat a player, and lose them upon being defeated.
    • If the monster is defeated, they will despawn like a normal monster.
      • Monsters may take a very long time to respawn.
  • An explosion may randomly occur in the center of the room, damaging all players and monsters.
  • Upon being knocked unconscious by any means, the player will be given two resurrection methods. Neither of which will consume EXP.
    • Revive in Waiting Room:
      • The player will resurrect in a separate room leading back to the arena or the lobby with full health.
        • Returning to the arena will not cost another entrance fee, but will force the player to start with only one star.
    • Revive in Lobby
      • The player will resurrect in the arena lobby.

Connous Battle Arena

  • Southwest of Filia is the Connous Battle Arena, managed by Yoff who sells Connous Battle Arena Coins as well as potions.
  • Connous Battle Arena is a team-vs-team battle consisting of blue and red teams.
  • Unlike other battle arenas, party leaders must request Yoff to start the battle.
    • To join a team, click on the colored torches next to Yoff.
    • The first person to join a team will be the party leader.
    • After both teams are ready, a ten-second preparation time is given, after which all registered players will be warped into the arena. Skills may be loaded, but will automatically cancel once the battle starts.
    • After five minutes, all players will be removed from the arena.
  • The battle can be spectated from the sidelines, and there is no fee for doing so. The stands are located to the sides of Yoff.
  • Upon being Knocked Unconscious, ?

Transformation and Race Dueling

  • Human players possessing the Paladin or Dark Knight transformation can select to duel other players with the opposing transformation. Similarly, Elf or Giant or Human Supporting players can select to duel other players from the opposing race.
  • Both of these choices can be enabled or disabled via Allow PVP.
    • There is a 3 minute cooldown after enabling or disabling the option.

Paladin vs. Dark Knight

  • Paladins and Dark Knights are natural enemies. Once the player has transformed, any other opposing transformed players are free to attack regardless of the location.
  • Once a player is Knocked Unconscious, they have effectively lost the battle, and can resurrect on the spot with full HP, MP, and Stamina and no EXP penalty.

Elf vs. Giant

  • Elves and Giants are natural enemies. Once the option is enabled, any other opposing players and their human allies and their pets are free to attack regardless of the location.
  • Once a player is Knocked Unconscious, they can resurrect on the spot with 5 HP and loses 50% wounds.
    • Warning: If another person who is riding a PvP player's mount, they can be attacked even if they are not PvP. If they are knocked unconscious this way, the game will register that they were defeated outside of PvP and have a selection of natural resurrection points, along with an EXP penalty.
  • It is possible to engage in Elf/Giant PvP while flying in a hot-air balloon.
    • The following skills can be used to attack other balloonists:
    • As players on board a balloon take damage, their balloon will also take damage. Once the balloon is destroyed, the players on board are invulnerable to attack until their balloon has crashed into the ground and disappeared.
    • Attacks in balloon PvP based on horizontal distance from the target. Thus, players may be high above their victims yet still be able to attack them due to close horizontal proximity.
    • The Ballista cannot attack other balloonists.
    • Players flying via flying pets may be shot down by balloonists.

Pet Dueling

Request for Pet Match
  • This duel consists of a one-on-one duel between Pets, with no outside help, even from their owners.
    • Players logged in as pets cannot Pet Duel.
    • Pet duels are not possible inside dungeons, lobbies, buildings, or small areas.
  • To start a pet duel, summon a pet and right-click the opponent player and select "Request for Pet Match".
    • Once the challenge has been accepted, both players may decide to bet item(s), which is optional.
      • If an item is bet, the opponent player will receive the player's bet item if they win, and vice versa and give up their own if they lose.
    • Clicking the "Show Stats" box will display the player's pet's stats information to the opponent.
    • After both players have clicked "Complete", the duel begins.
  • A star appears over both players when a duel is initiated, indicating the Pet Duel.
  • Manually using a skill while the pet has a set AI may cancel the rest of the AI rules.
    • Setting pet skills onto skill shortcuts may make manual pet battles easier.
  • If the pet is Knocked Unconscious or is knocked out of the duel's boundaries, the duel will be over.
    • The unconscious pet will automatically and immediately resurrect, with 5 HP and loses 50% wounds.
      • In the event of a draw, both pets will remain unconscious and must be manually resurrected.
  • It is possible to duel with a Mini Pet, but they cannot attack nor be attacked.

Player Dueling

Player Dueling Screen
Allow Pets
Ring Out Rule
Player PvP Information
  • Dueling is one-on-one PvP with another player, with no outside help.
    • Player Duels are not possible inside dungeons, lobbies, buildings, or small areas.
  • To challenge someone, right-click on them and select "Request Duel".
    • Once they accepted the request, a message box appears.
      • Damage rate is a percentage of the player's damage between 0% and 100%. The lower it is set, the lower the damage both players can do.
      • Allow pets, as the option suggests, allows pets in the duel.
        • If this option is not checked, any pet other than those monitoring the Personal Shops will automatically be desummoned.
      • Ring Out Rule sets a shining ring in the field with a radius of ?. If any players are knocked out of this ring, they will automatically lose.
        • If the option is not enabled, the battlefield will span over the entire region.
    • Once players are ready, both must click "Complete" to initiate the duel.
      • Any adjustments to the duel will result both players automatically canceling their ready status.
      • There is a five second preparation time before the battle begins. Any skills loaded during preparation will be canceled once the duel starts.
  • Once a player is Knocked Unconscious or they enter another area or building, the battle will be over. A knocked unconscious player can resurrect on the spot with 5 HP and loses 50% wounds.
  • Warning: Any monster can attack players, but the players cannot attack them directly. If they are knocked unconscious by the monster, the game will register that they were defeated outside of PvP and have a selection of natural resurrection points, along with an EXP penalty.
  • If the opposing player declines the duel or the duel is completed, both players cannot send any duel request for three minutes. However, other players can still send them duel requests, which can still be accepted.
    • This can be remedied by logging off or changing channels.
  • Once a duel is completed, the player's PvP Info in the Character Info's Additional Info section will record wins, losses, and win ratios.
  • Strangely, if the player is in a duel against another player, the duelers are able to use Healing on normally hostile mobs.