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  • Defend the Avalon Gate's gate, round table, and eastern and western training grounds with the Baltane Squire from an endless onslaught of Reanimated Corpses, Crystal Wolves, and Crystal Boars.
  • This mission lasts 30 minutes, and has no reward for clearing.
  • Enemies grant more EXP in this mission than in Avalon Bridge, Knights of the Round Table, Counterattack, or Siege Weapon.
  • Each front starts at 100% health. As long as a front has monsters, its health will decrease by 4% per second. When there are no enemies, the front's health will regenerate by 3% per second. If any front reaches 0% health, the mission will fail.
  • Each front has a pair of emblems that teleports you directly to the other fronts.
  • After every 10 waves cleared, a Reanimated Corpse and a Giant Peridot Crystal Bear, Giant Peridot Crystal Boar, or Giant Peridot Crystal Wolf will spawn at the center of Avalon. Defeating these monsters when all fronts are above 60% health will yield a special bonus effect, such as 50% bonus EXP, increased drop rate, less monster health, or lower monster count. This effect expires after defeating the next center wave.