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Siege Weapon

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  • There are two main objectives, which can be completed in any order:
    • Rescue the captured Baltane Support Units.
      • There are 10 units in all, scattered across the Avalon Gate's exterior. Stepping on the red circle surrounding the unit will spawn a single wave of Reincarnated Corpses, Crystal Wolves, and Crystal Boars. Once all enemies are defeated, the NPC is freed and will help defend the Avalon Gate's interior.
        • The Baltane Squad starts in the Gate's interior. Occasionally, a warp pentacle appears in the center of the entrance, along with monsters. If they reach the pentacle, they will teleport into the interior.
          • There is a warp pentacle at the Barrier Spikes of the bridge, allowing you to teleport into the interior.
          • If all members of the Baltane Squad are defeated, the mission will fail.
        • Once all units are rescued, the Baltane Squad will come out from the gate's interior to help fight.
    • Stop the enemy from teleporting an Apostle Girgashy into Avalon Gate.
      • Girgashy will not attack and cannot be interacted with.
      • There are orbs near Girgashy that will spawn enemies. There are 3 waves of 4 orbs, for a total of 12 waves of enemies. Once all waves are cleared, Girgashy will disappear.
        • Each wave of orbs becomes increasingly more difficult.
        • Only one orb can be interacted with at a time.
      • The warp will complete in 30 minutes. If this time limit is reached, the mission will fail.