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Counterattack (Baltane Mission)

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  • The mission starts at the entrance of Avalon Gate. After some dialogue, enemies will spawn and a fight breaks out between them and the Baltane Squad.
  • Once all enemies are defeated, Shuan explains that the goal of the mission is to locate a Giant Peridot Crystal Boar, Giant Peridot Crystal Bear, or Giant Peridot Crystal Wolf and defeat it. He will ask you to assign pairs to the squads to split everyone up.
    • If a squad member is defeated in the opening, they cannot be used in the pairing.
    • Certain squad pairings provide a buff.
      • Logan's Heart of Gold (Logan ✖ Anyone): Logan's partner recovers their HP after every area cleared without the player's help.
      • Debutantes (Kanna ✖ Eirlys): Kanna's HP is increased and Eirlys' attack is increased.
      • Dogged Destroyers (Kanna ✖ Dai): Kanna's and Dai's attack are greatly increased, but their HP is decreased.
      • Reliable Ones (Dai ✖ Kaour): Kaour's and Dai's HP are greatly increased, but their attack is decreased.
      • A Pair of Scalawags (Eirlys ✖ Kaour): Eirlys' and Kaour's attack are increased.
      • The Shy and the Hated Guy (Elsie ✖ Dai): Elsie's attack is greatly increased, but Dai's HP is decreased.
    • If a member of a pairing is defeated, the buff will cease.
    • If all squad members fall in battle, the mission will fail.
  • After pairing all the squires, you will begin traveling to various maps similar to Alban Knights Training Grounds and will have to clear two waves of monsters each map. After clearing a map, you may proceed to clear maps alone or assist the squires.
    • A UI will appear indicating each squad member's health, their location, and their progress in that area.
    • A Sneaky Disciple of the Prophets always spawns in a random map, this monster always drops useful rewards when defeated.
  • Once the boss is defeated, the mission will immediately be cleared, and a reward chest will spawn on the players feet.
    • When the boss reaches a certain health, prophets will spawn. The prophets will stand in place channeling a strange light, if they are not defeated quickly they will give the boss various buffs including health regeneration, Heavy Stander, Mana Deflector, and Natural Shield.

Sneaky Disciple Drops