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Guild Quests

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Guild Quests are sold by Eavan in Dunbarton. Similar to the Party Quests, they target specific monsters. In this case, they target certain bosses, both field and dungeon.

Unlike Party Quests, Guild Quests are only accessible if, and only if, all members of the party are from the same guild. The Guild Master is not required to be present at the time when the quest is being used. If there are non-guild members in the group, they must be asked to leave the party but they may still stay in the dungeon and assist in killing the boss.

Pertaining mostly to the Demi Lich and Banshee quests, it is advised that a member of the guild be in Dunbarton, prepared to buy a Guild Quest scroll, and join the party via Party Boards before the group goes into the boss room due to the short time on the Guild Quest.

Quest Reward Time Limit Monster Location
Eliminate Demi Lich 31,700 Exp
27,300 Gold
4 days, 1 hour Peaca Normal
Eliminate Banshee 40,600 Exp
38,700 Gold
2 days, 7 hours Peaca Basic
Eliminate Goblin Bandits 7,100 Exp
15,700 Gold
12 hours Dunbarton area
Eliminate Giant Ogre 9,500 Exp
13,800 Gold
16 hours Gairech
Eliminate Giant Bear 19,600 Exp
6,700 Gold
16 hours Dugald Aisle