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Portrait of Hector
Race Giant
Gender Male
Occupation Grandmaster Engineer
Location Hillwen Mine Entrance
Repair Engineer Repairs, 98%


Hector is a Giant engineer that works in Hillwen Mine, selling various tools needed for Hillwen Engineering and Rare Mineralogy. He also sells Dual Guns and can repair/upgrade them. He is the only one that can upgrade Mining Drills.


License Price (g)
Dual Gun Repair Kit 92 6,000g
Engineering Hammer 1,000g
Hillwen Engineering Bag 10,000g
Mining Drill 6,000g
Spanner 1,000g
Training Mana Bullet 1,500g
Zeder II 8,000g

Daily Quest

[Daily Quest] Hillwen Engineering
How to Get Quest

Speak to Hector

Briefing Engineering is the real deal.

Hector's Equipment