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Imp's Dream Land Event (Back to School 2011)

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For other instances of this event, see Imp's Dream Land Event (disambiguation).
September 9th 2011
September 16th 2011
September 23rd 2011
September 30th 2011


Friday – Psychology 301 – Dream Theory

Dream Theory, what a fascinating psychological subject! Luckily, we have a willing subject in Mabinogi willing to participate and allow us to actually look into her dreams: the Barker Imp! The Barker Imp is located in Dugald Aisle near Tracy's Logging Camp. Give this little Imp a green gem and she'll whisk you away to her magical dream land! Once in the dream land (as an Imp, no less!), defeat Gremlins for Power Mushrooms and Potions. The Power Mushroom will make you grow to gigantic heights, which will allow you to defeat the Ogre Warrior. Dream theory will take place on Fridays. [1]

Basic Information

  • One big star (or five little stars) are given to the person who finishes an Ogre Warrior.
    • One little star is given to every player who has hit the finished Ogre Warrior at least once, even if 0 damage is done.
  • To hit an Ogre as a small imp, a giant imp must attack it and "Mark" it for small imps to hit it, otherwise all attacks will miss.
    • Once an Ogre is hit by a giant imp it has roughly a 15% chance to be hit by any small imp attack.
  • Kill Gremlins for a chance of a Power Mushroom and potions to stay alive.
    • Obtaining the Power Mushroom will grant the player "the Giant" Title for five minutes. This title contributes +1500 HP, +20 Defense, +20 Protection, +120 Min Attack, and +130 Max Attack.
      • You will keep HALF your stats when you revert back to a small imp.
  • Only one Giant Imp is supposed to be alive at a time.
    • Note that there are some cases in which another Power Mushroom will spawn while someone else is the Giant Imp.
      • This usually occurs when the Giant Imp's time is close to timing out.
  • This event is part of a chain of different events in the Back to School Event.


How to Get Quest

Log in during the Imp's Dream Land Event.

Briefing Ah. Ah. Mic check! Hello everyone! I'm an Imp who's looking for human friends! I had an awesome dream the other day, and someone told me that it's a "jackpot" dream! So I'm lookin at selling my dream! What do you say? If you receive this invitation, could you come see me? Oh, and bring some Green Gems on your way here! Also, I'm not really here all the time, so be sure to come see me on time!

Talk to Barker Imp

  • 3000 Experience Points
Additional Information

Barker Imp is located in the corner of Dugald Forest, inside the Dugald Aisle map, left of the Logging Camp.


Once you have collected enough stars, you may turn them in to the Sassy Imp to receive prizes and return to Erinn. It is unknown if a certain amount of stars are required for certain prizes, or if more stars get you rarer prizes. Although a 6 to 10 star rating apparently gives you an extremely high chance of getting Fashion Goggles.



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