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Independence Day Gachapon (2011)

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With the new Independence Day Gachapon, we're giving you the freedom to choose! When using an Independence Day Gachapon, you'll be presented with nine boxes to choose from. Pick one, and press the select button.[1]

You will then receive your prize. In addition, the eight other possible items that you could have won will be then shown. What will your strategy be? Choose the same box, or change it up? Only you can decide! In addition to the item, there's a high chance that you will win Shadow Crystals, items that increase experience gained in Shadow Missions.

On rare occasion, you will receive a coin that has a Character on it. Collect the full set that includes Pan, Lorna, Andras, Kristell, Duncan, Castanea, Krug, Ferghus, and Nao and you will get the ultimate prize: a FULL Nuadha set! Take the coins to Voight in Cor, and he will give you items fit for a god!

Check out some of the awesome items you get from Independence Day Gachapon:

Military Official One-Handed Sword
Great Eweca Spell Book (MP Usage -15%)
Great Ladeca Spell Book (Max MP +300)
Great Palala Spell Book (Evaporated MP -60%)
Fairy Lightning Wand
Fairy Fire Wand
Fairy Ice Wand
Feather Sword
Cat Doll
Dragon Shield
Frog Robe
Light Pink-White Flashy Cressida Wear
Arc Lich Short Sword

Basic Information

Inventory icon of Independence Day Gachapon

2 × 2
Stack: 100

The Independence Day Gachapon allows you to choose your item! The Independence Day Gachapon presents you with 9 boxes; choose one to obtain an item. After picking, you'll also see what the other prizes the other boxes held.

  • This gachapon was available in the Item Shop.
  • A single box cost 1,000 NX and a bundle of 10 cost 10,000 NX.
  • When opened, nine boxes arranged in a 3 by 3 grid will be presented. One of the boxes must be selected to receive a prize. Once selected, the other boxes' prize will also be revealed.
  • Occasionally, a coin with a character image will be received instead of the Shadow Crystals.
    • There are nine coins in total. See Category:Coins.
    • Collecting all of the coins and talking to Voight with them in your inventory will give you a full Nuadha Set.
  • On sale from July 1st to July 26th, 2011.