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Talk:Independence Day Gachapon (2011)

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Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Regarding Nuadha Set513:58, 15 July 2011
maintence adding new items213:43, 6 July 2011
organization010:16, 2 July 2011
Cat Doll111:47, 1 July 2011

Regarding Nuadha Set

YES, you do get the full SET. How hard is it, I have no idea...and either the robe will be based on gender, or both of them is given I do not know either.

LexisMikaya09:19, 1 July 2011

If anything I am asking for an confirmation...this seems really hard to believe since it IS nexon we are talking about...;;>.>

LexisMikaya09:20, 1 July 2011

Does anyone know the date this gacha will be ending?

Calisto13:20, 2 July 2011

No idea...I didn't see an end date...considering it IS the independence day gacha, i'd say july 5th since maintenance will happen that Tuesday.

LexisMikaya20:49, 2 July 2011

the maintenace did not end it, infact it atuly added "new items" you can tell a few of those items have allready been updated on the page, also the nuadha set is random in what you get becuse i saw a guy complaining about geting a F set

Vats310:51, 6 July 2011

Ouch, that's pretty evil for them to not make it sex specific.

Calisto13:58, 15 July 2011

maintence adding new items

the maintence of july 5th added "completely new items!" to the Independence Day Gachapon, so i think this should be mentioned in the info, also has anyone got a nuadha iteam from this, im not talking about the set on hear it has listed nuadha robe and ect. as a reword intell someone can prove that it is a reword from the gechapon its self i think it should be removed becuse it gives false hope cusing people to think they can get a nuadha robe with out the 9 coins, it dose not say you can get a nuadha robe from a gechapon on the website so i realy do not think you can or thats something they would have listed

Vats311:06, 6 July 2011

i'm pretty sure by "completely new items!" it meant the gachapon HAS completely new items not that they are adding more. The kitty doll, fairy wands and other tidbits in there were currently unreleased therefore, "completely new items!"

Miyani13:33, 6 July 2011

Nuadha items only come in as a set. I suppose I could put a note saying that...and I think Miyani is right about the new items thing.

LexisMikaya13:43, 6 July 2011


if its ok im going to organise the this abit im planing on having in ever section abc order but move the ones that have a fixed color to the top of the section im going to make a copy of everthing before i mess with it incase some one has a problem with this i can put it back the way it was

Vats310:13, 2 July 2011

I got one in gacha. It's actually called "kitty doll." Is there any way to rename it and rename the page it links to? I can also upload some pictures since we just have the one currently on that page.

Frogstar11:33, 1 July 2011


Angevon (Talk)11:47, 1 July 2011