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For the suit, see Karis Wizard Suit.
For the shoes, see Karis Wizard Shoes.
Portrait of Karis
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Captain
Location Boat from Port Cobh


Many intricate tattoos cover his dark, tanned skin. Beneath his shimmering white hair beams a calm, friendly smile.

Karis is Carasek's younger brother and mans the boat that travels between Port Cobh and Port Qilla.

He was taught by Carasek in order to handle the boat found in Port Qilla and inherited the boat in the process. He is a bit clumsy but is confident in is own skills, as he can take care of himself thanks to his brother teaching him.

Because of the way he looks, he is often mistaken for his brother, Carasek. He states that once you get to know him, you can tell the difference between him and his brother.

He apparently has a social personality. When attempting to Disembark, he states that he wanted to get to know the player a little better. He also seems to care for others compared to his brother. Karis states that he does not have much faith when using the Church Keyword. A probable cause would be his brother's influence on him. He also does not have much knowledge of weapons, let alone fighting.

Because of Carasek's influence, he may have adopted his style of clothing, looks, and even his tattoos.

Karis' Equipment


  • According to Karis, Carasek apparently hired part-time workers at some point until rumors came up that he was running a slave ship. Since then he stopped hiring workers.