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Port Connous

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An overview of Port Connous.

Welcome to the Elves's harbor, where the warm sun shines bright and the sand swirls around one's feet.


Description and Geography

Commerce Filia Icon.png At the bejeweled southern shores of the Longa Desert resides Port Connous. It connects Iria with the continent of Uladh through Port Ceann. The player, particularly the aspiring trader transporting their goods, will enter the arid landscape of the Connous region.

Like a mirage, Port Connous appears as a beautiful resort destination yet it lacks any useful accommodations except for the ship docked by the wharf.


The Port was built despite Castanea's relative disapproval for open relationships with the outside world.

Areas of Interest


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Areas Connected


Track Title
Paradise at the Desert's Edge
Port Connous


  • Connous Beach was the site used for the Connous Beach Vacation Events.
  • South Connous Beach's metallurgy sites used to span the entire shoreline. Currently what remains is on the western side across from the lighthouse.
  • Port Connous was added in the Great Era of Commerce Part 1 patch on June 30, 2022