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Port Qilla

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For the base camp, see Qilla Base Camp.


The representative port in Iria.

Because Port Qilla is the closest point to Uladh in terms of distance, it has been established as a prominent location since the beginning. Nearby, there is a Base Camp for adventurers who came from Uladh to explore the continent of Iria.[1]

Port Qilla is a bay on the southwestern fringe of Iria continent. Initially discovered by merchants long ago, it was established to function as a harbor for vessels and trade between Uladh since the discovery of Iria. It is the port connected to Qilla Base Camp.

There are many metallurgy spots located on the beach, east of the port. A Mana Tunnel is also located north of the port.


A map of Port Qilla

Boarding Schedule

The ship in Port Qilla that lies southeast of the camp departs for Port Cobh about every seven minutes real-time. Times apply to AM and PM.

Board Depart Arrive
6:00 8:00 9:30
10:00 12:00 1:30
2:00 4:00 5:30