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Portrait of Keith
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 16
Occupation Bank Manager
Location Tara
Part-time Job Bank
7:00 am - 11:00 pm
Report From: 9:00 am

Track The Feeling of Swimming in Gold Coins


He stands with a flashy runic jacket that is hard on the eyes and intense eyebrows that seem delicately plucked.

The banker of Tara. When he was younger, his parents caught him at the Bean Rua Pub. Consequently, they sent him to Paladin Military School, where he met Padan as his training partner. He is the current owner of the Erksin Bank Chain in both Uladh and Iria.

Surprisingly, he is the only worker at the Bank in Tara. According to Heledd, whenever Keith attends the ball, he would close the bank, causing a hassle for people visiting the bank on days the ball is held.

He and Eluned are cousins.


License Price (g)
Personal Shop Brownie Work-For-Hire Contract (Purple) 2,800
Personal Shop Brownie Work-For-Hire Contract (Red) 2,800
Personal Shop Brownie Work-For-Hire Contract (Green) 2,800
Tara Personal Shop License 10,000
Tara Premium Personal Shop License 15,500

Part-time Jobs

  • When doing the part-time jobs on Alban Elved (Friday) there is a 20% increase to the experience points and gold rewarded for completing them.


Rank B
Critical Hit.png
Rank Novice
Gold Strike.png
Rank 6
Combat Mastery.png
Rank B
Rank 6
Rank 5


  • Keith only has a Basic Part-time Job and not an intermediate or advanced.
  • entering a RP instance will carry over the "bank part time job" briefly upon exiting. if the clock rolls over 12am to the next day, it will count that day as already done and cannot be performed again until the next day